Reece working on a construction jobHi I’m Reece and thanks for checking out my generator site! There’s so many different generators out there – many brands, different wattages, some are portable and some are much bigger. In recent years more and more seem to have come on the market.

I work construction and I use generators on most jobs to power up the various power tools that we need to use. Over the years I have always made notes on the equipment we’ve used as different jobs have different requirements and over time I realised I had gathered quite a lot of knowledge.

Some things don’t change much like diggers and forklifts, but with generators changing all the time I decided to organise my notes a bit better and turn them into a website. I figured that there’s probably a lot of other people out there who just don’t know what is the best generator for their particular needs and having some good quality reviews and roundups could be really useful.

I’ve also got together with my buddy Dan who runs Rocky Mountain Equipment out here in Buffalo. I give him this plug on my site here and he loans me generators to test out for free when new ones come out. So if you need any kind of hire equipment please do check out his website!

Reece with his girlsI have 4 beautiful daughters who I adore and because we are so blessed with the gorgeous surroundings here, we spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature. We love to go camping, hiking and sometimes we even try a spot of fishing 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the reviews, and please get in touch if there is a particular model you would like to see.